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Professional Automotive Detailing Service Options

Elite Detailing Service

$19999Starting At
  • This is top of line service for those that really want that showroom shine!

  • Engine Detail

  • Machine Wax of the Entire Vehicle

  • Headlight Restoration if Needed

  • Shampoo/Hand Cleaning of Vehicle Interior (Varies based on upholstery)

Basic Detailing Service

$7999Starting At
  • Exterior Wash

  • Spray Wax

  • Tires Cleaned/Polished (Depending upon type of metal) Tires are Cleaned and Dressing are Applied for Shine and Protecting.

  • Door Jams are Degreased and Cleaned

  • This service also includes an Interior Vacuuming and Wipe Down of Instrument Panel, Dashboard and Console.

Custom Detailing Services Available Upon Request

Premier Detailing Service

$14999Starting at
  • Exterior Wash

  • Hand Wax w/Machine Buffing

  • Door Jams are Degreased and Cleaned

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • Wheels and Tires are Cleaned and Shined

Other Services Available

$4999Headlight Restoration
  • Decal and Sticker Removal Starting at $ 19.99 (Price Varies Depending on location and size of Decal and Sticker)

  • Transfer Paint Removal

  • Transfer Paint Removal Starting at $ 49.99 (Price Varies Depending on size and time estimated for service)


Paint and dent repair services are not provided. Damage to vehicle may result in services being modified to avoid further damage to vehicle. Vehicle owner will be notified prior to services being rendered of any modification in services being provided.

Motorcycle Detailing Service

Detailing a motorcycle is a custom service I provide. Due to this the pricing is on a case by case basis. Motorcycles come in all shapes, designs and sizes. This service starts at $ 49.99 and is adjusted based on make and model of motorcycle and customer preference on product used.

Coach and RV Professional Detailing Service Options

Premier Detailing Service

$19999Starting at
  • Exterior Wash

  • Spray Wax on Sides and Back

  • Front Clay Bar Treatment

  • Machine Wax and Buff on Front

Elite Detailing Service

$49999Starting at
  • Exterior Wash

  • Machine Wax on Entire RV

  • Clay Bar Treatment of Entire RV

  • Headlight Restoration (If Needed)

  • Wheels and Tires Cleaned and Shined

Basic Detailing Service

$9999Starting at
  • Exterior Wash

  • Spray Wax

  • Clay Bar Treatment Applied to Front

All Prices Subject to change based on the size and condition of vehicle